everyday hero

There is a great deal of potential heroic acts in the world. Mighty feats of saving lives, dealing with international political issues, working tirelessly to create and develop initiatives for the betterment of humanity’s existence around the world. Plenty of opportunities for someone to throw themselves into and invest themselves in to make some lasting impact and far reaching difference.

Is it so wrong that I just wanna get through my day? That I just wanna reach out and touch somebody, preferably without poking them in the eye (please oh please!)? Perhaps there are hundreds of little ways to be a hero in the ordinary sphere of life – and yet insert into this touching and inspiring little cliche of pop-deep and meaningfulness the plain fact that my attempts at being heroic and chivalrous even in the mundane will and do without doubt fail and cause more grief, like that parody super hero…who am I thinking of? The Tick? No, the Tick was a general buffoon (though glorious)…doot doot doot…it’ll come to me eventually.

Can this bag of skin and bones, meat and blood ever be redeemed? I’m holding onto grace. And grace will not fail.