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Have you ever commented to someone else on a work of art that you were viewing in a gallery? And was the artist standing behind you?

The other day I shared a post here which included a delightful little story about the artist Howard Arkley standing behind a couple of elderly women as they viewed one of his paintings. The story resonated with me because I had a similar experience in the one and only time I’ve exhibited a work. My ceramic sculpture class at university had a group showing in my second year at the local gallery. We were all there on the opening night, in an upstairs room of the gallery, all very chuffed. Quite a good turn out from the public too. People everywhere. At one point I saw 2 young, artsy bohemian-looking guys standing before my figurative work and I thought it’d be fun to stand behind them and hear what they said – the anonymous artist eavesdropper. Haha, they’d have no idea! What fun!

One of them turned to the other and said “Heh. Why didn’t he just write ‘Help me’ with his blood on the walls?”

Ok, so it wasn’t quite the same…


6 thoughts on “i, artist

  1. Love the post! Perfect timing since I’m in my local artists’ group show opening this Fri. Oh so awkward overhearing the comments. :\

    • I know that pain well. Sometimes when friends of mine have viewed works I’ve done I’ve had to leave the room! But there’s many rewards šŸ™‚

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