a short lament

I don’t want to fight, raise an argument, make a case. Christopher Hitchens died today age 62 from cancer. I did pray for him. I haven’t as some apparently have, been praying that he would burn in hell. To such people I have little to say except that despite carrying his name they neither know nor understand the friend of sinners they claim to follow, nor understand how much they themselves deserve to burn in hell, as do we all. It is for sinners like them and Hitchens and myself that Jesus came to die.

No, I simply want to express grief – I feel compelled and think it’s appropriate – at the death of this man but even moreso that he wasn’t reconciled to the God who offered reconciliation on a bloody wooden cross. I didn’t agree with his views, I didn’t enjoy reading his book, but from one sinner to another I had hoped he might even at the end have accepted the offer of forgiveness and new life held out to us all, if we but take it.

…God proves his own love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us! 
Romans 5.8


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