technology: say goodbye to your brain

My friend thinks that within a couple of decades they’ll have the internet connected directly into our heads. Personally I think this is a bad thing. It’s annoying enough when people try to hack my facebook account, without the added hassles of them hacking into my brain.

We all thought the technological revolution would make the world better, and there have, of course, been many benefits. But now someone reckons that being switched on so much has undermined the normal human potential for creativity and inventiveness. Now when we’re bored, instead of dealing with it by pushing ourselves and striving to create, we simply hop online and consume downloadable info. And we don’t sleep.

Is technology making us boring? Or were we already boring, but in different ways? Before getting all connected, were most of us just sitting around staring blankly at TV we didn’t like, and before that sitting around drawing rooms whiling away the hours in mindless chit-chat and gossip, or were people actually engaged in living creatively simply because they had too, now changed by the instantly downloadable world of flashy graphics and bucket loads of both useful and totally redundant info? And is THIS BLOG part of the solution, or part of the problem?! (Erm…I’m gonna go with solution).

Think about facebook. How much time do I spend just wasting time, fluffing the days away, frittering away opportunities for real relationships, real imagination, actually stretching myself? And that includes just relaxing and taking it easy. I used to do that by doing things I actually enjoyed. Now too often when people ask me what I did that evening, I don’t have much to say.

A vow! the interwebs will no longer suck my brains out through my eyes! As much. No, I’m not going to retreat to some mountain cave in the Black Sea region. But I will from this day forth begin  extricating its sticky fingers from my hair! Actually, I already got rid of my switched on mobile for the cheapest nastiest lump of plastic around. This has been good for me.  We wanted to make life simpler, and somehow it got a lot more complicated and stressful.

Here’s to taking my life back. Cheers.


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